martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Being a "natural born blogger"

My only follower, who is also my teacher, has told me that I am a "natural born blogger" I think that she is possibly right... I have always liked writing and I also like sharing my thoughts with others :). In this ocean of solitude that life can sometimes be, it is nice to know that you may send a message and that somebody will receive it and attend your call...  As Celia Cruz wisely sings: "En la vida no hay nadie solo, siempre hay alguien" :)

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

My birth as a blogger... Not as painful as my birth as a human being (until now at least)

Well, this is my first blog ever... I don't understand much about this... But people keep on saying that we should have a blog to keep up with new technologies... So, here I am...scared to death... jumping into the unknown... I have no idea what blogging means... Consequently this will probably be just a collection of experiences and thoughts of what is going on with my life as time goes by... Some kind of public "dear diary"... I hope my reflections help you in some way... I hope yours will help me ...
I'll be writing again soon!